Computer Vision to enhance transportation safety

Obstacle Detection

YOLO is an extremely fast real time multi object detection algorithm. It stands for “You Only Look Once” and was developed by Joseph Redmon. In this demonstration I used this famous algorithm to check accuracy and how it can be used in the transportation field. It basically not only describes which objects are present in the image or video but also their locations, it can be used in autonomous vehicles for obstacle detection and avoidance.

Sleep Detection

Developed algorithm to help prevent accidents caused by the driver getting drowsy. Using EAR (eyes aspect ratio) to analyze and provide accurate early warning for real fatigue. This is an effective way to determine if the driver is drowsy, and thus make sure of a safe drive.

Fire Detection

Fire detection systems are among the most important components in surveillance systems. Developed algorithm works using HAAR to detect fire from a lighter. Fire early detections is used to minimize accidents damages.